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The Best Of Times - Styx - Paradise Theatre

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  1. A resounding success, Paradise Theater would become Styx 's greatest commercial triumph; and in retrospect, it remains one of the best examples of the convergence between progressive rock and AOR which typified the sound of the era's top groups (Journey, Kansas, etc.).8/
  2. The Best Of Times Lyrics. About “The Best Of Times” “Best Of Times” continues the story arc of the “Paradise Theatre” album. After a post-depression/post-war boom in business, the Theatre has fallen on some hard times. Yet, unlike other times that this has happened, the protagonist is content with life.
  3. Paradise Theatre Promotional Video Styx Tribute from Hi-Def Photography & Films on Vimeo. STYX RE-IMAGINED. Come have the Best of Times with Paradise Theatre! Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest band information including show locations and dates. Sign up for our Newsletter!

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