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  1. The Swiss Ghost Kommando returns with a new MCD delving into the mysteries of Abraxas. Five new tracks + intro and outro (circa 25 minutes).
  2. Ghost Kommando discography (misc) Falkenstein / Red Thorr, White Christ () Spitfire - Starfighter () > Ghost Kommando discography (all) Falkenstein / Red Thorr, White Christ () Spitfire - Starfighter () >.
  3. Seven Sermons to the Dead (Latin: Septem Sermones ad Mortuos) is a collection of seven mystical or "Gnostic" texts written and privately published by C. G. Jung in , under the title Seven Sermons to the Dead, written by Basilides of Alexandria, the city where East and West meet.
  4. Swiss black metal. Details Artist: Ghost Kommando Country: Switzerland Genre: Black Metal Year: Label: Breath of Pestilence Format: MCD Catalogue no: BOP More info: External Track listing Intro Seven Sermons to the Dead Intolerance Raptor Vultures Spectre (Conquest) Outro.
  5. Apr 25,  · Jung was a brilliant sage and has contributed much to the human experience. The Seven Sermons to the Dead has been one of my favorites for years and I was pleased to add it to my Kindle tegesharnuazar.infoinfos: 9.
  6. THE SEVEN SERMONS TO THE DEAD. "Today, humanity’s greatest need is the attainment of wholeness which comes to the soul in the form of Gnosis. Religious fanaticism, moral fervor, political ideologies – none are solutions, rather are they dangers to the world and to the individual.
  7. The Seven Sermons are recorded in journal entries in Black Book 6, dated 31 January to 8 February In the original journal account of the revelation (Black Book 6) Jung himself is the voice speaking the Seven Sermons to the Dead. In the version transcribed into the Red Book manuscript, Jung gives Philemon as the voice speaking the Sermons.

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