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  1. As of February Volz-Stopa America has changed its name to STOPA. America as a result of STOPA Germany becoming the major share holder of. our company. We have secured closer ties with both STOPA Germany and. STOPA China, leading to a more efficient administration and communication.
  2. Dec 25,  · Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorney Mark Stopa Fighting Desperate Battle To Keep His Bar License Hotshot attorney Mark Stopa was once one of the most popular foreclosure defense lawyers in Florida. Stopa is now fighting for his legal career for the second time in three years. This time he could find himself permanently disbarred.
  3. STOPA Universal Sheet Metal Storage Systems. The Storage and Retrieval Unit of the STOPA UNIVERSAL has been designed with the needs of the manufacturing industry in mind. It is based on a robust and reliable telescopic unit combined with an absolute travel measurement system for all axes. The stacking height check and the bay-occupied check.
  4. The STOPA COMPACT Series is an automatic sheet metal large-scale storage system for the latest logistics and production strategies. It synchronizes the procurement process, provision, and machines and thus transforms your warehouse into a logistics centre.
  5. Dec 25,  · Stopa has continued to fight the foreclosure on behalf of Quest Systems. Last year, Stopa told client James Goeke to mislead the court. Stopa told Goeke to tell the court he only borrowed $30, on a line of credit although Goeke had previously .

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